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Horizontal Compressed Bamboo Flooring

Made from 5-8 years maturity "Mao" bamboo ,cut it in 2000mm long ,20-25mm width and 6mm thickness bamboo stripes, horizontally compressed into bamboo flooring. Horizontal compressed bamboo flooring which is 1/3 hardness of strand woven bambooo flooring. Its beautiful bamboo nodes of the bamboo plant ,can come in natural and carbonized colours. 

Like all types of bamboo, horizontal compressed bamboo flooring is very eco-friendly ,it can be glued down to concrete or nailed down to plywood sub-floors. It's great in residential applications and serves as an affordable, stylish and eco-friendly flooring option. Best of all, it's beautiful and highly sought after by modern designers, because of it's unique vertical and horizontal grain aesthetics.

If you want a floor that highlights bamboo’s unique appearance, you’ll want to choose the horizonal variety. Because of the way it is assembled, the planks look similar to the trunks of bamboo and the nodes of the bamboo culms are obvious. Horizontal bamboo uses wider strips to reveal more of the grain and can give your floor distinctive character.

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NATURE: Features

Product Specification

  • Product Code : VLHN / VLHC

  • Size:960x96x15cm/ 1920x96x15mm

  • Finishes : Matt and Semi Gloss

  • Coatings : 8 layers of premium UV coatings

  • Flame Resistance : EN ISO 9239-1

Piece Per Box : 24

• Square Feet Per Box: 23.8082

• Colours : Natural / Carbonized

• Installation Method :

Tongue & Groove

• Trim Options :

Skirting / Threshold / T-Mold / Floating Floor Reducer / Overlap Stair Nosing / 1/4 Quarter Round

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