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has its strong belief in furnishing a green and natural home while preserving the Earth. We offer a large variety of bamboo made products which definitely will change the way you think about bamboo.
VERDEE Bamboo was originally a brand of bamboo floorings and outdoor decking mainly for overseas markets. It later added bamboo furniture, lighting, kitchenware, bathware, bedding and homeware to the product line following the success of Verdee Bamboo Floorings. The first bamboo concept store, opened in 2010 in Hong Kong, was designed as a showroom demonstrating the different possibilities of bamboo that can be applied to daily life. To better serve the customers’ needs, the store was transformed to a retail store in 2011.

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Why Bamboo?

VERDEE Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is made by fine selected MAO bamboo being shredded into random strip sizes. The bamboo strips are immersed in non-toxic, water based glue, which fills and encapsulates the exposed cells and then compressed by 2,000 tones pressure with VOC-free adhesives. The solid block is left to stabilize in a resting position for 45 days before being processed into flooring material.
This process produces a denser, more stable, and harder floor product which is denser and harder than horizontal/ vertical bamboo floorings and most hardwood floorings like Oak, Maple and Cherry. It also creates a fine grained hardwood-like appearance to VERDEE Strand Woven bamboo flooring with extraordinary strength and durability.
Besides, VERDEE Strand Woven is finished by 8 layer environmental friendly UV coatings for additional protection. The coating is well-known for its VOC-free, UV-resistance and scratch-resistance.

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