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At VERDEE BAMBOO, we hold ourselves to the highest standard and believe in full transparency within our team and with our customers. For that reason, our production process includes many rigorous practices and procedures to ensure the end result is the best it can possibly be. Take a look at our key features below.


Boasting a low maintenance requirement and capable of high foot traffic, VERDEE Strand Woven Bamboo flooring features a janka rating of over 3,000, more than two times harder than normal hardwood such as Red Oak and maple. From living room to dancing room, Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring provides great stability as well as durability. The durable 8 layer UV coating offers high scratch resistance while maintaining astonishing appearance. It has a formaldehyde emission below class E1 standard which is safe to human. Apart from normal nailing, our Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring offers a click-lock floating style joint in specific color that no solid hardwood can do.

Carbonized Decking

Verdee wants to promote the idea of bamboo living to all customers, thus we also have a series of products for outdoor decking.

Wall Panels

Add a modern while rustic sense of nature to any décor.
Bamboo Wall Panel is a thin bamboo board serves as decorative and protective covering for the wall. It also provides insulation and soundproofing function. Ranging from flat panels to 3D ones, we provide a large variety of beauties in different shape.

Vertical Veneer

Bamboo Materials

We’re often recognized for our high-quality manufacturing, a direct result of our commitment to excellence throughout the years. Day in and day out, we work hard to make sure our standards not only remain, but are continuously pushed higher.

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