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Will I get colour variations in my bamboo floor?

Bamboo is a natural product so you will see slight colour variations throughout your floor. Any natural product is likely to have some colour difference throughout. Slight colour variations add authenticity and character to the floor. If it was all exactly the same colour throughout, your floor would not look real or natural.

What kind of colour variations can I expect? The colour disparity will depend upon which type of bamboo flooring you choose. The natural differences in colour throughout your flooring should help to give it a natural appearance. If you do not like colour variations, then we would recommend avoiding our Rustic Bamboo as this has black streaks added to the surface to offer a rustic feel. None of our other bamboo floors should have great changes in colour or tone. (Source : The bamboo Flooring Company, This entry was posted on February 4, 2019 by chris)

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