之竹品賦予竹製品全新面貌 – 環保、美觀、耐用、設計簡約新穎。讓客戶輕鬆將VERDEE Bamboo的生活理念帶回家。

VERDEE Bamboo原為竹地板及戶外地板之出口品牌。品牌及後增加竹製傢俱、燈飾、廚房、寢具及浴室產品,發展一系列竹製精品。VERDEE Bamboo 於2010年於香港開設首家以竹建材及家品作主題之概念店,展示竹製品於日常生活之多用性及各種可能性。應客戶之需求,VERDEE Bamboo之概念店於2011年大量增加竹製家品並重新定位為竹品零售店。


Why Bamboo?

Verdee Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is made by fine selected MAO bamboo being shredded into random strip sizes. The bamboo strips are immersed in non-toxic, water based glue, which fills and encapsulates the exposed cells and then compressed by 2,000 tones pressure with VOC-free adhesives. The solid block is left to stabilize in a resting position for 45 days before being processed into flooring material.
This process produces a denser, more stable, and harder floor product which is denser and harder than horizontal/ vertical bamboo floorings and most hardwood floorings like Oak, Maple and Cherry. It also creates a fine grained hardwood-like appearance to Verdee Strand Woven bamboo flooring with extraordinary strength and durability.
Besides, Verdee Strand Woven is finished by 8 layer environmental friendly UV coatings for additional protection. The coating is well-known for its VOC-free, UV-resistance and scratch-resistance.

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